Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving 2022

($60.00 Turkey Dinner with Choices of Appetizers & Desserts)
Not including Tax & Gratuity
Thanksgiving menu  is available from 11:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Curry Crab Soup
Lump Crab Meat, Seafood Broth, Curry Spices, Herb Cream

Corn Chowder
Chili Oil, Dehydrated Corn, Herbs

Spaetzle Sampler
Spaetzle German Egg Noodles with Black Forest Ham, Asparagus, and Gruyere Cheese

Veal, Chicken,  Herbs de Provence, Cumberland Sauce

Baked Oysters
Corn, Tarragon, Bacon, Gruyere - Sauce Mornay

Fried Brussels Sprouts
Marcona Almond, Raisin, Sweet Pepper, Rhineland Dressing

* * * * *

Field Green Salad
Mixed Field Greens, Cranberries, Apple, Pepitas, Mulled Cider & Pumpkin Vinaigrette

* * * * *

Traditional Gravy, Mashed Potatoes,  Stuffing, String Bean Casserole, Cranberry Sauce

Filet Mignon
Broccolini, Boursin Whipped Potato, Cranberry Cabernet Relish

Virginia Ham
Green Beans, Sweet Potato, Redeye Gravy

Veal Cutlet, Sherry-Bacon-Mushroom Cream, Spaetzle, Red cabbage

Atlantic Salmon
Squash Bisque, Rosti, Sage Brown Butter

Butternut Risotto
Ember Roasted Mushrooms, Fresh Herbs, Truffle Aioli, Romano

Crab Cakes
Broiled, Kaese Spaetzle, Asparagus, Hollandaise Sauce, Meyer Lemon and Old Bay Aioli

* * * * *


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